Supporting diversity and equality in a still male-dominated art fields is one of my missions.

Recently a circle of friends and I founded an event series called LÁJV with the main purpose to create a platform for women and men to think about equality in electronic music and in other areas as well. Having organized three events, it turns out that there’s a strong tendency that women in Hungary have less chance to prove their talent in male-dominated jobs and situations, not just in electronic music.

The major challenge here is first to go against the way our government views a women’s social role. There’s not even one woman in the party, and with many new rules and restrictions, they are spreading an old school image of how a family should look like. The mother stays home to raise children, and that’s enough – according to them.

The second issue is when a woman is trying to succeed in a “man’s job”. Whether people are hiring her because it’s now trendy to have a woman in a team or because of her talent? There are always prejudices and expectations we really should break through and show the way how women can do things differently. Different is always good, but comfort zones have to be left behind first.

There are many problems around this, and we’re trying to support, through LÁJV and female: pressure talented female artists. What we can do is to continue promoting equality with our strategically sometimes bizarre videos and blogs on the electronic music scene and improve the awareness of bookers, club owners and labels.

The other thing is education. We are looking for funds to organize hacklabs for the little people and invite in 50-50 girls and boys to the hacking space. We also intend to give lectures on the topic and create open talks to exchange ideas and create communities who believe in a future where people do not raise eyebrows if a girl is messing around with Arduino’s and amplifiers.

The next coming years I would like to focus on the brain and study its usage within innovative technologies. Today, the wearable tech industry (smart watches, wearable glasses, brain-computer-interfaces, the Internet of things, neurotech fashion) is growing exponentially each year and quantifying the self is the main goal of all these technologies, and the brain is its main character.
I have been experimenting with different EEG’s since 2015, and I believe it’s essential to deeply get to know this technology before it’s ultimately implanted in everybody’s skull…
There are many positive examples of its usage already like treating arachnophobia in people with EEG and VR together, checking the response to the images of spiders, with work lead by a psychotherapist. It has a much faster healing impact on the patient than ever. But in the wider process, we may reach a point where – we can hide nothing, we can have no personal thought’s unsaid. Scientifically proven thoughts with an EEG and other medical devices is something complicated and demands to be monitored.