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Brain Tech – Concept Design – Interactive Storytelling – VR – Creative – DOP – AV editing


Fanni Fazakas better known by her stage name RUMEX is an audiovisual artist, director and music producer.
RUMEX is a classically trained musician having played the piano for twelve years and growing in a family of classical musicians.
Her musical mission is to preserve the rich elements of classical music and integrate it into today’s popular music and performance.
RUMEX graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design where she studied Media Design.
Her focus was on film techniques, generative music and visual programming. At the same time she attended imPro Budapest School of Music Technology -where she received extensive training in composing, sound design and engineering. She began with Dj-sets in different clubs like Ankert and Instant now usually playing trough the Netherlands, Berlin and also Budapest like Toldi and Fogas.
She became interested in live performance and decided to build her own basic studio step by step. This resulted in trying out different styles of music production from moombahton to even hard style. In 2014 she moved to The Netherlands where she was involved in Amsterdam Dance Event via 4DSOUND as a visual artist.
RUMEX started to try out different technologies with a strong intention to preserve conceptual background within the art piece or installation. After releasing her first EP called – Cold NL and in 2016 the Summer Syndrome Ep, she decided to work more in an experimental way. She became involved with a new technology of neuro and bio-feedback based music composition. She is working with Porto based MuArts guys on White Matters project and travels around Europe for different hacklabs and showcases. She already performed with these interactive and experimental projects at the CTM Festival in Berlin and Umea – Scandinavia, Ljubljana nd Berlin – hosted by Music Tech Fest.