Our music video – Theory of Love just made at London Short Film Fest



This experimental music video really shows you how abstract love can be.

By watching the absurd scenes with no judgemental approach between man and woman really makes a shudder pass over you, but in a strangely enjoyable way. The director’s intention to gently represent how love can be manifested in our century is reflected in the lyrics of Ayden’s astonishing vocal – “If love is a desire, then I don’t want to know.”

Fazakas, a young audio-visual artist, music producer and founder of the RUMEX project last year at Klipszemle – think of it as Hungary’s VMA -pulled off the prize of “ best director” with her first music video that she produced with only one cameraman and her friends.

This news pulled Dansor’s attention, who was looking for the right director for ‘Theory Of Love’ – the title track of her debut album. In it a fuzzy bassline and piercing guitar licks join vocalist Ayden Vice’s gloomy voice that accentuates the dusky production elements.

Meanwhile, the ‘Theory Of Love’ LP itself, released on her own Comport Records, garnered a glowing print review in DJ Mag, radio support from the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music’s Nemone, John Digweed and Sysiphos’ Jonty Skrufff, not to mention topping the Beatport charts with the release hitting no.1 in Breaks, no.14 Electronica, no.18 Deep House, no.23 in the Tech House – resulting in an overall Top 100 appearance at no.93.

And this is how a spontaneous, intensive and joyful collaboration started between the two, teaming up with cinematographer Dániel Szőke and editor Miklós Hadházi later on.

By researching what is “love” Fazakas invented each scenes as a symbol of different love forms, such as being in love with ourselves, being in love with the one who hurts us and being in love with the one who is the exact opposite of us.

“With the rock-paper-scissor scene in the beginning we depict that love is a game and one of the partners always has more power – in other words he always wins the game” explains Fazakas. “But with each occasion we see the “loser” and we explore more and more bruises on his face. With this we intend to draw attention that love can be dangerous and aggressive sometimes but even if it is, we in our society are so inclined to get used to things even if they are not healthy for us that we rather stay inside a harmful relationship. In the very beginning when we just see the shaking shoulders – it’s the fun fact and the hoax reflected on the audience’s habits and expectations. “

“With the similar outfit and wigs of the ‘Forest Hunt scene’ we declare that there’s no differences between genders and from the artistic approach we wanted to make one person different from them. That’s Ayden our vocalist who is being chased by the similar hunters. The essence of this scene is that our brain works in a way that always wants the person we cannot have and we also reflect on the age old quote that “ opposites attracts”. At the end of this scene we can see that as soon as Ayden turns toward his pursuers they immediately knuckles down into different sex positions. With this symbol we intend to pull attention how easy going and weak lovers can be sometimes.”

Symbolism, brain and love. These are the weapons of this music video besides extraordinary locations, professional compositions and dark and quirky humour though it’s pretty deep and composite content keeps us watching it again and again to find out – “Is love just a desire?”

Directed by – Fanni Fazakas
Director Of Photography – Dániel Szőke
Assistant Director / Editor – Miklós Hadházi
Listen to ‘Theory Of Love’ on Spotify