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As you may know we started our event series called LÁJV within mostly women are showcased. Style is hybrid as always which means that we play from jazz to techno bacisally everything. It depends on the current mind-state since it’s a whole jam session. The second part of the night is mostly electronic live-acts or djsets.

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RUMEX – Summer Syndrome EP

‘Summer Syndrome’ is the 3-track debut EP of the talented Hungarian audiovisual artist, director, music producer, pianist and vocalist – Rumex.
Expect a clever fusion of classical instruments with today’s popular electronic styles like techno, deep house, glitch and pop art.
With her first music video made for ‘Summer Syndrome’, she was also rewarded with the best director price of the Hungarian Music Video Awards called ‘Klipszemle’.
Watch here: youtu.be/tfhX5cQ8MU8

1. Rumex – Summer Syndrome (Original Mix)
2. Rumex – Button Off (Original Mix)
3. Rumex – Mind Fck (Original Mix)