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My second MTF doc

We were making magic at Music Tech Fest Berlin edition and now you can see my second documentary about it.

Next year I highly recommend you to join if you are a hacker/ coder / musician / dancer / handicap producer or any kind of open minded creative person who likes to work in a special team!

Check their website for more informations: http://musictechfest.net/

RUMEX just becomes the first female producer presented at HAANG

I’m proud to announce that my interview about my coming plans and projects are officially out with a special podcast made for HAANG.

I’ve been talking about female equality in electronic music fields for ages but here we go, finally a female face can appear among the male producers at the site of HAANG. In my opinion it’s quite a funny one.

You can read the article here:



Amazing jam session this time with Fatime Songoro – playing the saxophone, Traila – electronic liveact, Teqnomad – hq techno set, and the greatest singer Bori Magyar! And with me playing drums and synths from Ableton Live as always. We also had our visual power – VJ Mimikri who created some special sets around the theme “gendershit”.

more info: https://www.facebook.com/lajvbudapest

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As you may know we started our event series called LÁJV within mostly women are showcased. Style is hybrid as always which means that we play from jazz to techno bacisally everything. It depends on the current mind-state since it’s a whole jam session. The second part of the night is mostly electronic live-acts or djsets.

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MTF Berlin

Feeling that you are part of the future, among new friends who are just genius in any sense in the !present! – that’s something what you can only feel if you ever participated MTF.

I feel honoured anproud to be part of this amazing event series called MTF. This time I was officially asked for document the festival meanwhile take part in it. We showcased out performance the last time called White Matters and we had a great time hacking with the coordinance of Peter Kirn for almost 5 days non-stop.

Hereby you can check more pictures and the video documentary is coming soon next week! Enjoy and come next time!


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